Growing Tips

    Starting with a catus mix add perlite to the mix. Small seeds can be sowed only 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch into the soil, large seeds can be planted 1 inch or more below the surface of the soil. Apply heat to the bottom of the container if you can, up to 90 degrees F will be fine. This will help with germination rates and results. Iluminating for 20 hours a day with the addition of grow lights helps intial growth rates and results in stronger plants. When repotting, wait until you see signs of new growth. The plants should be growing and outgrowing its pot before repotting.

    Water the sowed seed whenever dry. Keep the soil damp NOT WET. Wet soil increases the chance of fungus and rot. Esatblished seedlings can go dry for awhile but continued watering with full sun has the best results early on. Winter watering can and should drop to alomst nothing. When the growing season ends so should the water. As long as the plants growing, water. As the season cools let the soil dry out well before watering again.

    The brighter, the longer, the better. Hot humid environments produce beatiful plants. Freezing will kill all species.

    A constant low dose of plant food is preferred and produces the best results.

    Culture Guide