Pachypodium geayi

This species occurs in Southern Madagascar.

The deciduos leaves are very long, narrow and green with a light grey felt covering, most notably on the undersides. The leaves have a much lighter middle vein that has a rose tint to it and are more upright than lamerii. The trunk is a smooth greyish silver and may reach 30 feet in time. Spines are in clusters of three and are sharp and strong. The flowers are white and relatively small with an exposed anther cone in the center. Flowers will set in about ten years in good conditions. Geayi should be given full light and plenty of water during the warmer months and considerably less water in the cool months. The geayi, also known as the Madagascar Palm, is one of the most widely cultivated of the Pachypodium species. Seedlings grow fairly quickly compared to other Pachypodium species. Geayi may grow between 6" to 12" and occasionlly more annually.