Pachypodium Baronii windsorii

This variant occurs in Northern Madagascar.

Windsorii is another spectacular plant. It is a variation of the baronii species and has its same tapered shape and brilliant red flowers. This variety has a more bulbous base than the type plant. The leaves also form a swirl around the top of the plant and the tip of the branches which are more frequent than in Baronii. The conical spines are fairly short located on the branches and not the base. The trunk is light green as a seedling becoming brown with maturity. This species spectacular red flowers are formed on shorter peduncles. They also have a white to off white center that extends outward in a star pattern. Windsorii should be given full light and plenty of water during the warmer months for vigorous growth and plentiful flowering. Flowers will appear in early spring and last for a few weeks to a month.