There are a few books available that have the family history.

Spears Genetic Trail

Spiers Genetic Trail
Bob Spiers, 2007
Bob is from the New England clan. He submited to be tested by National Geographics, The Genographic Project.
This is the ultimate answer to the question "Where did we come from?"

Journey of Man

A couple of months ago I turned on the TV to my local PBS station. They were running a program as part of their fund raising titled “Journey of Man” by Spencer Wells. Mr. Wells was also there in person. He is a scientist using DNA to determine the migration routes of early man from Africa. It has been accepted as fact that Humans as we know them today began in Africa over 200,000 years ago. Over many thousands of years Humans migrated to all other parts of the earth. They didn’t all go at once and went by many different routes to a variety of places all over the globe. Mr. Wells has discovered that as people migrated and settled in another location mutations in the DNA of their offspring occurred and when descendants moved on and settled in other locations other mutations occurred to later offspring and so on over thousands of years. These mutations left markers in our DNA which can be read with DNA testing thus indicating where our ancestors had been over the last 50,000 years. National Geographic is sponsoring much of this research and is sending teams of people all over the world to take DNA samples to discover which markers are related to which location. Since people who remained in one location for many generations gained no new markers testing them will identify the specific marker for this location making it possible to know where certain markers were obtained. Thus the various markers in your DNA will identify the locations that your ancestors were at any particular time period.

Richardson Perry and the Alamo
Richardson was a member of the Mississippi Clan of John Spiers (b. 1799).
He was John's brother in law, John was involved in settling the estate of Richardson after his death at the Battle of the Alamo.

Spiers One-Name Study
Ron Spiers, England 2007

Coats of Arms
Ron Spiers, England 2009

History of Culcreuch Castle near Stirling, Scotland
Ron Spiers, England 2007

Origin of the name Spiers
by Ron Spiers, England 2001

Spierston, Scotland
by Ken Spiers, England 1999

Photos of Spierston, Scotland
by Bjorn Spiers, Germany 2003

The Tobacco Barons
by Ron Spiers, England 2002

Spiers & Pond
by Ron Spiers, England 2002

Major-General Sir Edward Louis Spears
By Ron Spiers, September 2002

Edward Louis Spiers and his association with Winston Churchill
Compiled by Ron Spiers, September 2004

Trinity House Harbour and River Pilots in the UK
By Ron Spiers, October 2002

Silk Weaving, Charles Spiers 1795 - 1861
By Ron Spiers, November 2002

Spier's at Ewelme
By Ron Spiers, November 2002

Spiers Artists
By Ron Spiers, December 2002

Framework Knitting and Weaving
By Ron Spiers, 2003

By Ron Spiers, 2003

Stewart Spiers, Plane maker of Ayr, Scotland
By Ron Spiers, 2003

The Old Bailey, London, England
By Ron Spiers, April 2003

Lancelot (Capability) Brown and John Spyers
By Ron Spiers, May 2003

Consular Births
By Ron Spiers, July 2003

Lord of Melksham

Trade and other Directories in England
By Ron Spiers, January 2004

Flemish Spiers'
By Veerle Spiers, January 2004

Directory Listings
By Ron Spiers, January 2004

Speirs Directory Listings
By Ron Spiers, February 2004

Records on Spiers held in the British Library archives
By Ron Spiers, May 2006