Spiers' Web pages and Web site references

Shaun Spiers Euro Parliament

Jim and Pam Spiers - Piccadilly Motel

Spiers.be - Spiers Store

R.J. Spiers - Medical Practice

Robert A. Spiers - Petrology Technician

Marie Spiers - Job Recruiter

Jacqui Spiers - University of Surrey

Stewart Spiers - Electron Micro

Olaf Spiers - actor and comedian

Donald Spiers - Ag research

George Spiers - Real Estate in New Zealand

Jon P. Spiers - MD Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon Hot Springs, Arkansas

Jehane Boden Spiers - Graphic Card Design

Dr. Gary Spiers - UK Computer Guru

James V. Spiers - Marketing Department at Arizona State

James M. Spiers - Ag Research

Carole Spiers Associates

Tracy Spiers - Basketball Gambler

David Spiers - Genealogy Link

Robert A. Spiers - Geologist

Bill Spiers - Houston Astro

Jeffrey Spiers - Creature Creator

Perry Research

Stephen B. Spiers - District Deputy Grand Master Masonic Lodge

Miscellaneous Spiers' References

Picayunue, Ms. Woody Spiers, Mayor

Pubs of Chilton

Spiers' Dictionnaire Géneral Anglais-Français, published in 1853

Hall of Fame: David Spiers:

Spiers Art Gallery

Spiers Lake National Wildlife Area

Redmarley D'Abitot War Memorial

War Memorials

Spiers Mitre

Feature Winner - Eddy Spiers

John Spiers

Paperhouse - Staring Elliott Spiers