Trade and other Directories in England

Covering the period around 1850

Compiled by Ron Spiers


Three of the main Directories which cover many parts of England over a long period are, the Post-Office Directory, Kelly’s Directory, and Pigot & Co.’s Directory, but there are hundreds of others, maybe over 200 publishers for London alone. When reading them one has to be aware of some of the terms used for places. Old documents refer to Hundreds; these are sub-divisions of English Counties, and date from pre-Norman Conquest times, that is, before the year 1066. The boundary of a Hundred will contain of a number of adjoining church parishes. In the north of England a Hundred was called a Wapentake. They are not terms in current usage, but old documents may refer to them, for example see the 1850 Warwickshire Gazeteer, and White’s 1854 Directory for Halifax. In addition, Counties were divided up into Townships, which contained many houses, and Hamlets which contained very few.

          Knowledge of where persons lived in the 1850’s may help in tracing their families in the relevant 1851 census. The author has some information on many of the families listed below.


Slater’s General and Classified Directory of Birmingham and its vicinities, 1822

Charles Spiers, grocer, 60 Aston Street.

Morris Spiers, watch and clockmaker, 110 Snowshill.

Nathan Cohen Spiers, pawnbroker, 40 Anne Street.

Solomon Cohen Spiers, watchmaker, 99a, New Street.

William Spiers, shoe maker, 15 Brearley Street West.

William Spiers, grocer, 60 Aston Street.


The History, Topography and Directory of Warwickshire, 1830

Nerwich & Spiers, jewellers and gilt toy manufacturers, 46 Worcester Street, Birmingham.

Adam W. Spiers, American merchant, 83 Great Charles Street, Birmingham.

John Spiers, straw chip and Leghorn hat maker, 63 Dale End, Birmingham.

Sarah Spiers, dressmaker, Deritend, Birmingham.

William Spiers, haberdasher &c., 238 Bristol Street, Birmingham.

Mr Clifford Spiers, Rhyn.


Pigot’s National and Commercial Directory of Derbyshire, Dorset, Gloucestersire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, 1750 - 1850


William Spiers, retailer of beer, Suffolk Road, Cheltenham.



Edward Spiers, carpenter and joiner, Crouch Street, Oxford.

William Spiers, parish clerk and shopkeeper, Deddington, Oxford.

Edwin Thomas Spiers, bookbinder, bookseller and library at Bear Lane, and toy dealer at 8 Cornmarket Street, Oxford.

William Spiers, haberdasher, 13 Queen Street, Oxford.


Birmingham, Warwickshire

Maurice Spiers, watchmaker, 46 Worcester Street.

Nathan Cohen Spiers, jeweller and gilt toy manufacturer, 46 Worcester Street.

William Spiers, grocer and tea dealer, 60 Aston Street.


Kenilworth, Warwickshire

William Spiers, grocery shopkeeper, New Street.


Evesham, Worcestershire

Joseph Spiers, conveyancer by water from Evesham to Worcester, Bewdley Street


Pigot and Co’s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of York, Leicester & Rutland, Lincoln, Northampton and Nottingham, 1841

Hinckley, Leicester

Thomas Spiers, manufacturer of hosiery, Castle Street.


Pigot’s Directory of Northamptonshire, 1841

Joseph Spiers, wharfinger to the Oxford Canal Company, Braunston, Daventry.


Pigot & Co’s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Wales, 1844

William Spiers, wheelwright and chaise cart maker, Boar Street, Abingdon, Berkshire.

Henry Spiers, fellmonger and tanner, Alresford, Hampshire.

Edward Spiers, carpenter and joiner, Crouch Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire.

William Spiers, parish clerk, Deddington, Oxford.

Edwin Thomas Spiers, bookseller, bookbinder, circulating library, stationers, Bear Lane, Oxford.

William Spiers, linen draper, haberdasher, 13 Queen Street, Oxford.

Edwin Thomas Spiers, toy dealer, 8 Corn Market Street, Oxford.


Slater's Directory of the Following Important English towns; Birmingham, Bristol, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield and West Bromwich, 1847

William Spiers, boot and shoe maker, 152 Hockley Hill, Birmingham.

Nathan Cohen Spiers, pawnbroker, 40 Ann Street, Birmingham.

Maurice Spiers, watch and clock maker, 110 Snowshill.

John Spiers, boot and shoe maker, 24 Great Duce Street, Strangeways, Manchester.

Slater’s Glasgow Directory

Aitken & Spiers, ship and insurance brokers, 97 Union Street, Glasgow.

John Spiers, gilder, 33 John Street, Glasgow.

John Spiers, shipping agent, 16 St Enoch Square, Glasgow.

John Spiers, spirit dealer, 50 Shaw Street, Greenock, Glasgow.


The Gazeteer & Directory of Warwickshire, 1850

Birmingham Trade List

John Spiers, cloth cap maker, 10 Church Street.

Morris Spiers, clock and watchmaker, 109 Snowhill.

Nathan Cohen Spiers, pawnbroker, 40 Ann Street.

S.C. Spiers, watch and clock maker, 17 Congreve Street.

(His advert in the Directory states that he was the author of a Treatise on Chronometry, and an importer of foreign clocks and watches &c,. Copies available from him).

William Spiers, grocer and tea dealer, 60 Aston Street.


Knightley Hundred, Kirby Division

Thomas Spiers, plumber and glazier, Bulkington Parish (near Nuneaton).


Knightley Hundred, Rugby Division

By his Will of 1618, John Spiers, gave £100 to the Parish, and £50 towards making a stone bridge and causeway at Kayne Brook, and by a Codicil to his Will it was declared that the money left to Newbold should not extend to the Hamlet of Coeford.


Knightley Hundred, Rugby Division

In 1697 Spier’s gave a gift of £50 to the poor of Dunchurch Parish towards the building of six almshouses.

(His first name not given. Dunchurch is 3 miles south of Rugby).


Handbook for the use of visitors to Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, 1850

James Spiers, provision dealer


Directory of Plymouth, Stonehouse, Devonport, Stoke and Moricetown, Devon, 1852

Mrs Spiers, 48 Pembroke Street, Devonport.


History, Gazeteer and Directory of the County of Oxford, 1852

R.J.Spiers, Esq., Sheriff and Bailiff and Alderman of the City of Oxford.

E.T.Spiers, Town Councillor of the City of Oxford.

Edwin T. Spiers, circulating library and newsagent, 96 High Street, Oxford.

Richard James Spiers, Esq., 14 St Giles Street, Oxford

Spiers & Son, china and glass dealers, 45 Cornmarket Street, Oxford.

Spiers & Son, 102 & 103 High Street, Oxford, desk and dressing case manufacturers, engravers, fancy warehousemen, hairdressers and perfumers, silversmiths and jewellers, stationers, stamp agents.

(They exhibited papier mâché furniture at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London).


Bampton & Weald and Townships Directory, Oxford (14 miles W of Oxford)

William Spiers, farmer, Aston & Coate Hamlet, Oxford

Richard Spiers, Esq., Iffley Parish, Bullington Hundred, Oxford.


Musson & Craven’s Commercial Directory of the County of Buckingham, 1853

Mr. William Spiers, Gent, Cippenham.


White’s Directory of Leeds, Bradford etc, Yorkshire, 1854


Mr Thomas Spiers of Shay Syke, is superintendent constable for the Western Division of Morley Wapentake.


Melville’s Directory and Gazeteer of Leicestershire, 1854

Elmsthorpe (3½ miles NE of Hinckley)

Joseph Spiers, Baccus Tavern, Borough.

Miss Ann Spiers, milliner, Castle Street.

Thomas Spiers, child’s sock manufacturer, Castle Street.


Earl Shilton (4 mile NE of Hinckley)

John Spiers, tailor, Earl de Grey’s Arms.


Post-Office Directory of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex, 1855

Gravesend, Kent

Joseph Stephen Spiers, pilot, 6 Terrace Street.

(He was a Trinity House Pilot on the River Thames)


Tunbridge Wells, Kent

William Henry Spiers, Inland Revenue Officer, Calverley Road.


Woolwich, Kent

William Thomas Spiers, builder, 74 Powis Street.

Mrs Mary Spiers, confectioner, 74 Powis Street.


Brentford, Middlesex

Charles Spiers, beer retailer, Orchard Road, Old Brentford.


Shacklewell, West Hackney, Middlesex

Charles Spiers, Esquire, 10 Amhurst Cottages.


Tottenham, Middlesex

J. Spiers, Esquire, Hanger Lane.


Post-Office Directory of Leicestershire and Rutland, 1855

Joseph Spiers, Baccus Tavern, Borough, Hinckley.

Thomas Spiers, haberdasher, Castle Street, Hinckley.

J. Spiers, Earl de Grey’s Arms, Burbage, Hinckley.


Mr Billing’s Directory & Gazeteer of the County of Worcester, 1855

Edwin Spiers, calenderer and dyer, Fish Street, Worcester.

Anthony Spiers, shopkeeper, Bewdley Street Evesham.

Henry Spiers, market gardener and seedsman, Briars Close, Evesham.

Joseph Spiers, market gardener and seedsman, Briars Close, Evesham.

Richard Spiers, farmer, Vicarage Farm, Peopleton (6 miles E of Worcester).

Isaac Spiers, wheelwright, Conderton, Bredon (3 miles NE of Tewkesbury).

J. Spiers, farmer, Chaseley Waith, Chaseley (3 Miles from Tewkesbury).

Henry Spiers, shoemaker, Kinnersley, Severn Stoke (7 miles S of Worcester).

William Spiers, hairdresser and fish hook maker, Headless Cross, Feckenham.


White’s Directory and Topography of Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield, and Wakefield, 1858

Thomas Spiers, superintendent of Halifax Police District, 5 Fountain Street, Halifax, Yorkshire.


Post-Office Directory of Northumberland and Durham, 1858

Davis Spiers, farmer, Darlington.


Harrison, Harrod & Co’s Bristol Post-Office Directory and Gazeteer, 1859

William Spiers, miller, Ashchurch, Winchcomb, Gloucestershire.


A Sample of London Directories

Spiers Addresses/Occupations


Name                      Address                                 Date                  Occupn      Ref


William Spiers          St Lukes Parish,                        1769     Cordwainer Apprentice           

                                Kensington,                                            Deed


Joseph Spiers         Burton, Warwickshire               1775                                 Poll Book


John Spiers             Upper Marylebone St                 1802                                 Middx Poll Books

                                Rectory-freehold of Chelsea

                                Hospital occupied by self


Charles Spiers        Twickenham house                   1802                                 Middx Poll Books         

                                and land occ by self                 


William Spiers          20 Castle St                               1805     Carpenter            Holden’s Trienial


                                off Oxford St                             1806    

                                (Oxford Market)                         1807


Alexander Spiers    1 Redcliffe St, London               1805     Pilot                      Holden’s Tri Dir



Spiers - Esq            Park Prospect, Westm               1805                                 Holden’s Tri Dir




Spiers, Brown & Co                                     34 Virginia St, Glasgow                     1805        Stocking Holden’s Tri Dir

                                                                                  1806     manfrs                



R. Spiers                 Leadenhall Market                     1818     Poulterer              PO Directory



T. C. Spiers             Leadenhall Market                     1818     Poulterer              PO Directory



Joseph Spiers         7 Clifton Street                           1818     Silk Manfr             PO Directory

                                Finsbury                                    1822

                                London                                      1827


Spiers                     Whitchapel                                 1825     Undertaker           Burials,                                                                                                                                                                              Wesley Chapel, City

                                                                                                                           Road, London


Spiers                     Church Street                            1827     Undertaker           Burials

                                London                                                                               Wesley Chapel

                                                                                                                           City Road


Joseph Spires         Borough, Burbage, Leics          1830     Butcher                Poll Book


Adam W. Spiers      83 Gt Charles Street                  1830     American             Warwickshire Directory

                                Birmingham                                            merchant            


John Spiers             63 Dale End, B'ham                    1830     Straw chip           Warwickshire Directory

                                                                                               & leghorn hat maker


Sarah Spiers           Deritend, B'ham                         1830     Dressmaker         Warwickshire Directory


William Spiers          238 Bristol St, B'ham                 1830     Haberdasher       Warwickshire Directory


J. Spiers                  2 Church Street                         1828     Silk Manfr             PO Directory

                                Spitalfield                                   1836

                                London                                      1837


Jos. Spiers              47 Gt Russel Street                   1828     Gunmaker            PO Directory

Spires                     Bloomsbury                               1827

                                London                                      1832


Samuel James         102 Dean St, Soho                    1832     Pump, water        PO Directory

Spiers                     Stanhope Printing Press            1834     closet manfrs

                                London                                      1836     Print press

                                                                                  1841     manfrs


Benjamin Spiers      402 Oxford Street                     1834     Shoemaker          PO Directory

                                London                                      1836




                                4 Hop Gardens, London            1841



J. Spiers                  24 Steward Street                     1834     Silk Manfr             PO Directory

                                Spitalfields, London                   1836



James Thomas Spiers Scott St, Bethnal Green        1836     Silk weaver         Dau birth

(born c1809)           18 Union St, Bethnal Gn            1840     "     "                    Son birth

                                45 Hare St, Bethnal Gn              1842     "     "                    Dau birth

                                45 Hare St, Bethnal Gn              1846     "     "                    Son birth

                                64 Church St, London               1851      "     "                    Census

                                92 Church St                             1859     "     "                    Dau marr


James Spiers          7 Princes St, Church St                          1841 Silk shag manfr                               Commercial Directory

                                Spitalfields, London                   manfr


Charles Spiers & Son 11 Spital Sq, London              1841     Silk manfr             Commercial Directory

                                10   "    "                                     1846      "     "                    PO Directory

                                10   "    "                                     1850     "     "                    PO Directory

                                40 Gresham St, City                  1850                                 PO Directory

                                3 Little Charlotte St                    1850                                 PO Directory

                                    "        "                                    1862

                                Blackfriars, London

                                10/11 Spital Sq, London            1862     "     "                    PO Directory

                                4 Aytoun St, Manchester          1862     "     "                          "     "

                                Glassford St, Glasgow             1862                                   


Alexander Spiers    17 North Audley St                    1841     Publisher              Commercial Directory


Walter Spiers          "   "     "     "                               1846     Printer                  PO Directory



John Spiers             Bell Isle, Maiden Lane                1840     Tallow                  Commercial Directory

                                London                                      melter

                                                                                  1846     Stuffmelter           PO Directory

                                                                                  1850      "    "                     "     "

                                Brandon Rd, Kings Cross          1862      "    "                                                                                                       


Robert Spiers          10 Swan St, Newington                         1841 Carman       Commercial Directory

                                Causeway, London                   1846      "                         PO Directory


Thomas Spiers        Castle St, Hinckley                     1846     Haberdasher       Hinckley Directory



Joseph Spiers         Stockwell Head                         1846     Beer House         Hinckley Dir

                                (Woodboy), Hinckley


Joseph Spiers         Stockwell Head                         1846     Boot & Shoe        Hinckley Dir                 



Walter Spiers          42 Gt Prescott St                       1850                                 PO Directory

                                   "      "    "                                 1862     Printer                  PO Directory


Edward Spiers        10 Grove Terrace                      1850     Stationer              PO Directory

                                Bayswater, London


Robert Spiers          4 Weston St,                              1850     Tobacconist         PO Directory



Joseph Spiers         4 Pelham Terrace                      1862     Carpenter            PO Directory

                                Portobello Rd, London


Mrs. Spiers             29 Hereford Rd North                1863                                 Paddington Dir

                                70 Hereford Rd,                         1871                                 ABC Court Dir

                                Westbourne Grove


                                3 Observatory Gardns              1930                                 Kelly’s Dir



J. Spiers                  4 Carlton Villas                          1863                                 Paddington                  

                                London                                                                               Directory


J. Spiers                  113 Gloucester Sq                    1863                                 Paddington

                                London                                                                               Directory


Edward Spiers        5 William St, Dale St                   1865     Fruiterer               Gores Dir



Thomas Spiers        5 William St, Dale St                   1865     Warehouse          Gores Dir

                                Liverpool                                                -man


William Spiers          20 Queens Rd East                   1862     Marine                  PO Directory

                                Chelsea, London SW                 1867     store dealer


Felix William             7 Stanley Terrace                      1869                                 ABC Court

Spiers                     Kensington Park                        1881                                 Guide

                                46 Ladbrooke Grove                 1871                                 ABC Court

                                Notting Hill, London                                                             Directory

                                12 Devonshire Place                 1884                                 City of London

                                68 Lowndes Sq, Lon                 1904                                 Directory

                                68 Lowndes Sq. Lon                 1904                                 Royal Blue

                                Fan Makers                                1904                                 Book

                                Livery Co


D. C. Spiers                40 Ann St,                              1870     Pawnbroker         Hulley’s Dir



Elizabeth Spiers         40 Willis St, Ashted                1870     Newsagent          Hulley’s Dir



Joseph Spiers            43 The Parade                        1870     Pork butchr          Hulley’s Dir



Samuel Spiers            38 Holliday St, B'ham              1870     Tobacconist         Hulley’s Dir


Thomas Spiers           15 Ryland St, B'Ham               1870     Woodturner         Hulley’s Dir


Samuel George Spiers 47 James Sq,                       1871                                 ABC Court                   

                                   Notting Hill                                                                        PO Directory



Charles Spiers           10,11 Spital Sq                       1872     Silk Manfr             PO Directory

& Son                         London E

                                   3 Charlotte St

                                   Blackfriars Rd

                                   London SE

                                   91 Piccadilly,


                                   52 Glassford St,


                                   East Rd, City Rd N

                                   18 Union St, Borough.            1882


Charles Spiers           91 Piccadilly,                           1873     Hat trimg              Comml Dir

                                   Manchester                                         manfr


Spiers & Pond            35-38 New Bridge St              1872     Caterers              PO Directory                

                                   Blackfriars EC                                     Wine &

                                      "    "                                      1884     spirits

                                   Union St EC etc.                      1882    

                                   Godliman Street, London

                                   Central Stn, Ranleigh St

                                   Liverpool                                 1891     Restauranters


                                   Exchange Buildings                1870                                 Hulleys Dir

                                   Stephenson Place



Spiers & Hargrave     13 Hatton Gdn                        1871     Engravers            PO Directory

                                   London                                   1872

                                   26 Holborn Viaduct                 1882

                                   London EC


John Spiers & Son     New Street                             1872     Shipsmiths           PO Directory

                                   Limehouse London E


George Spiers           19 Queens St, East                1871     Chandler’s           PO Directory

                                   Chelsea, London                                 shop

                                   140 Pimlico Rd                        1872                                PO Directory

                                   London                                   1882                                    


James Spiers             Coleherne Arms PH                1872     Publican               PO Directory

                                   1 Claro Terrace, Richmond

                                   Surrey SE


William Spiers             81 Union Street,                      1871     Baker                        PO Directory

                                   Borough, SE


William Spiers             5 Wycombe Terrace,              1871     Chemist                PO Directory

                                   Hornsey Rd

                                   London N


William Spiers                74 Queens Crescent,          1871     Watchmaker        PO Directory

                                      Haverstock Hill

                                      London NW


William Spiers                361 Rotherhithe St               1871     Grocer                 PO Directory

                                      London SE


Jonathan Bradnum Spiers       10 Miles Lane            1871     Numerical             PO Directory

                                      London EC                           1872     printer


Joseph Batty Spiers     10 Miles Lane                      1871     Cane dealer         PO Directory

                                      London EC                           1872


Morris Spiers                50 Houndsditch                   1871     Wholesale            PO Directory

                                      London E                             1872     clothier



Richard Phene Spiers             22 Old Burlington St  1871     Architect              PO Directory


                                   12 Regent St SW                    1882

                                   21 Bernard St, Russel

                                   Sq, London                             1871


Thomas Spiers           26 Gt Quebec St                     1871     Stationer              PO Directory


                                   Marylebone, London               1882


Thomas Spiers           Auckland Terrace,                  1876                                 PO Directory

                                   Aylestone Rd, Leicester


Spiers Silk Factory     Back Lane,                             1877     Silk manfr             Spinke’s


                                   Wilts                                        1889


Edward Spiers           Wood Lane1                           1879     Baker                        Spinke’s


                                   Wilts                                        1899


Mr. C. Spiers              27 New Rd                             1897                                 Spinke’s


                                   Wilts                                        1899


Rev. Bernard Spiers  1 Gt Coram Street WC            1871                                 PO Directory

                                   7 King St, Finsbury                 1881                                 PO Directory

                                   London EC


Benjamin W Spiers     70 Hereford Rd                       1881                                 PO Directory

Mrs Spiers                 Bayswater, London


Edmund John             Lancaster House, Savoy       1881                                 PO Directory

Spiers                        Place, Strand, London


Ernest George           21 Bernard St                         1881                                 PO Directory

Spiers                        London WC


Richard Phene           21 Bernard St                         1881                                 PO Directory

Spiers                        London WC


Walter Lewis             21 Bernard St                         1881                                 PO Directory

Spiers                        London WC


C. Spiers & Son         18 Union St, Borough             1881                                 PO Directory


James Speirs             7 Beacon Hill                           1881                                 PO Directory

                                   London N

Felix (junior)               9 Curzon St, Mayfair              1881                                 PO Directory

& Mrs. Spiers             London


Felix William                7 Stanley Terr                         1869                                 Court Guide

Spiers                        68 Lowndes Sq                      1881                                 PO Directory

                                   London SW                             1904                                 Royal Blue Book


Isadore Spiers           117 Cambridge Gdns              1881                                 PO Directory

                                   Nottinghill, London W


John Spiers                2 Havering St, Comrel             1881                                 PO Directory

                                   Rd London E


Maurice Spiers           2 Maida Hill, London W           1881                                 PO Directory


Joshua Spiers            33 Finborough Rd                   1881                                 PO Directory

                                   London SW


Hy. & Sidney              4 Savage ga Tower Hill          1882     Commission         PO Directory

Spiers                        London EC                                           merchants


Misses Spiers            68 Newman St                        1882     Art pottery           PO Directory

& Welby                     London W                                            painters


Benjamin Walter            70 Hereford Rd                    1882     Artist                    PO Directory

Spiers                           London W


Ernest George              16 King St, Cheapside         1882     Solicitor                PO Directory

Spiers                           London EC


Joseph Spiers               53 Westminster Bridge        1882     Chandlers            PO Directory

                                      Rd, London EC                                 shop


Joseph Spiers               9 Victoria Chambers            1882     Civil                      PO Directory

                                      London SW                                      Engineer


Thomas Spiers              67 Albany Rd, London SE   1882     Chairmaker          PO Directory


Joseph Spiers               3 Northumberland Ave        1882                                 Kellys

                                      Upper Richmond Rd

                                      Putney SE


Jas. Spiers                    11 Talfond Rd                      1882                                 Kelly’s

                                      Camberwell SE


Edwin Spiers                The Falcons                         1882                                 Kelly’s

                                      Denmark Hill SE


Mrs Spiers                    47 Grove Lane                    1882                                 Kelly’s

                                      Camberwell St


William Spiers                Hillside Cottage                    1882                                 Kelly’s

                                      Fox Lane, Upper Norwood


George Spiers              15 Silchester Rd, Kensington 1898  Carpenter            PO Directory



William Spiers                73 Ifield Rd, West Brompton 1898                                PO Directory



Prof. Victor Spiers, M..A. 75 Lancaster Rd, Notting Hill         1898                    PO Directory



Charles Spires              265 Cornwall Rd, Notting Hill            1898                    PO Directory



Mrs. F. Spiers               84 Park Mansions                1930                                 Kelly’s


                                      London (?Spiers & Pond)


Mrs. G. M. Spiers          19 Queen’s Gate                 1930                                 Kelly’s

                                      London SW 7


W. E. Spiers                  27 Flat 6, Lexham Gardens, 1930                                Kelly’s                          

                                      London W8


Walter Spiers                322 Gt Howard St, Liverpool           1891                    Railway checker  Kelly’s

                                      241 Fountains Rd                1904     Checker               Kelly’s

                                      Kirkdale, Liverpool


Joseph Spiers               51 Fonthill Rd, Liverpool      1891     Joiner                   Kelly’s


William Spiers                8 Chelmsford St, Liverpool  1891                                 Kelly’s


Edward Spiers              74 Cornwall St, Liverpool    1891     Fruit merchant     Kelly’s

                                      6 Gt Charlotte St, "               1904     Fruit salesman     Kelly’s


James Thomas Spiers  80 Grafton St, Liverpool      1891     Horseflesh           Kelly’s

(born 1840)                   20 Grafton St                       1891     dealer

                                      30 Gt Crosshall St, Liverpool           1904   "


James Thomas Spiers  140 Granton Rd, Liverpool  1891     Chief Officer        Kelly’s

(born 1864)                   139 Upper Warwick St        1892     Master Mariner

                                      Princes Rd, Liverpool                      

                                      Seaforth                              1898       "

                                      Brownlow Hill, Liverpool     1901       "

                                      12 Sherdley St,                    1904       "                         Kelly’s

                                      Liverpool E


David Spiers                 42 Kensington, Liverpool     1904     Draper                 Kelly’s

                                      20 Kensington, Liverpool     1924     Travelling draper Kelly’s


Miss Annie Spiers         81 Cawdor St, Liverpool     1904


John Spiers                   30 Washington St                1904     Boilermaker          Kelly’s

                                      Bootle, Liverpool


Thomas Spiers              13 Severn St, Everton         1904                                 Kelly’s


Mrs. Francis Spiers      30 Gt Crosshall St               1904     Umbrella maker    Kelly’s

                                      Liverpool W                        


Alexander Spiers          2 Baden Rd, Old Swan,       1924     Elec Engr             Kelly’s



Bertram Spiers              51 Rosslyn St, Toxteth Park             1924 Shipwright  Kelly’s



Charles Spiers              33,34 New Extension,         1924     Fruit sales            Kelly’s

                                      Fruit & Veg Mkt,

                                      Cazneau St, Liverpool         1955


Mrs. Elizabeth Spiers    70 Cazneau St, Liverpool    1924     Newsagent          Kelly’s


Charles Huntley Spiers           6 York Villas, Walton 1924     Fruit sales            Kelly’s

                                      Breck Rd, Anfield, Liverpool


Mrs. Charlotte Spiers    30 Gt Crosshall Street &      1924     Bird seed             Kelly’s

                                      108 Pitt St, Liverpool                        dealer


Mrs. Dora Spiers           434 Stanley Rd, Bootle        1924     Travelling             Kelly’s

                                      Liverpool                                          draper


Mr. Jessie Spiers          17 Walker St,                       1924     Shopkeeper         Kelly’s

                                      1 Marsden St, Liverpool


Mrs. Mary Jane Spiers  24 Westcott Rd, Anfield,     1924                                 Kelly’s



Peter Spiers                  92 Gwladys St, Walton       1924     Carter                  Kelly’s



Walter Spiers                25 Orient St, Everton           1924     Butcher                Kelly’s



Mrs. Annie Spiers         14 Kensington St, Liverpool             1924                         Kelly’s


William Thorpe Spiers   9 Central Rd, Port Sunlight   1924     Card box              Kelly’s





A good source of such directories is The Digital Library of Historical Directories published on the internet by the University of Leicester at


Another source, for London, is The Directories of London 1677 – 1977, by

P.J. Atkins. 730 pages. Published in 1990 by Munsell Publishing Ltd.

ISBN 0–7201–2063-2. It covers Greater London.



Trade and other Directories in England, c1850


Compiled by Ron Spiers, January 2004


The names Spiers and Spires are often interchangable, less so Spyers.

Trade Directories may list both Spiers and Spires for the same person. For example see –

Morris (Maurice) Spiers, 1847 and Spires, 1850


William Spiers, 1830 and Spires, 1828/29, 1830.

This would probably indicate how they pronounced their name. Scottish directories are not included in this listing, but in Scotland, Spiers (speers) and Speirs (speers) are sometimes interchangable. Speirs found in a few English directories are given below. My family pronounces its name as ‘speers’.


Pigot’s National and Commercial Directory of Cheshire,  ……., Warwickshire, etc., 1828/1829

Joseph Spires, butcher, Burbage, Hinckley, Leicester

James Spires, carpenter, Earl Shilton, Hinckley, Leicester.

Sarah Spires, dressmaker, Deritend, Birmingham.

William Spires, haberdasher, 238 Bristol Street, Birmingham.


History, Topography and Directory of Warwickshire, 1830

Sarah Spires, dressmaker, Deritend, Birmingham.

William Spires, haberdasher, 238 Bristol Street, Birmingham.


Pigot’s Directory of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, etc., 1835

James Spires, carpenter, Earl Shilton, Hinckley, Leicester


Robson’s Birmingham and Sheffield Directory, 1839

William Spires, solicitor and attorney, 27 Bristol Street, Birmingham.


History, Gazeteer  and Directory of Lincolnshire and Rutland, 1846

James Spires, wheelwright, Whetstone, Leicestershire.


Slater’s Directory of Leicestershire, 1847

James Spires, wheelwright, Whetstone.


Historical Directory of Warwickshire, 1850

William Spires, attorney’s clerk, 27 Bristol Street, Birmingham.

Morris Spires, watch and clockmaker, 109 Snow Hill.

Ephraim Spires, blacksmith, Willey, Knightlow Hundred (6½ mile N of Rugby).

William Spires, comb maker, Kenilworth.

Moses Spires, blacksmith, Haselor (2½ mile from Alcestor).


Annual Bristol and Clifton Directory and Gloucestershire Almanac, 1851

E. Spires, had a trow (boat) named, Lilley, at Quay Head on the River Severn

(for transportation).


Slater’s General and Classified Directory of Birmingham, 1852

John Spires, cloth cap maker, 11 Church Street.


Musson and Craven’s Commercial Directory of Buckinghamshire, 1853

Josiah Spires, beer retailer and market gardener, Linslade, Buckinghamshire.

Mr. William Spires, Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire.

Mary Spires, dressmaker, Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire.

William Spires, farmer, Ludgershall, Buckinghamshire.


Post-Office Directory of Berkshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, 1854

John Spires, beer retailer, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire.

Richard Spires, gent, Priory, Iffley, Oxfordshire.


Slater’s Directory of Herefordshire,  …… , Warwickshire, etc., 1859

William Spires, groceries, 15 Pounce Street, Gloucester.


Post-Office Directory of Buckinghamshire, 1864

William Spires, farmer, Bradwell.


Post Office Directory of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex, 1855

Rev. Thomas Spyers D.D., academy, Halstain House, Wimbledon, Surrey. Also Weybridge, Chertsey.


Robson’s National and Commercial Directory of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, …..,  Warwickshire, etc., 1835

Godson Spyers, grocer, Bishop Street, Coventry.


The Original Brighton and Hove Directory, 1854

Robert Speirs, publican, Old House at Home, 75 George Street, Brighton, Sussex.


Post-Office Directory of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex, 1855

Robert Speirs, publican, Old House at Home, 75 George Street, Brighton, Sussex.


Gore’s Directory of Liverpool and its environs, 1853

Alexander Speirs, engineer, 16 Juvenal Street, Liverpool.


History, Topography and Directory of Herefordshire, 1858

Thomas Grey Speirs, police constable, Southend Street, Ledbury.


Author’s note - The three names above indicate that their birthplace may be in Scotland.


Slater’s Directory of Important Towns, 1847


Alexander Speirs, manufacturer of muslins (harness), 7 & 13 Exchange Place.

David Speirs, 76 Canning Street.

James Speirs, 68 New Dalmarnock Road.

Robert Speirs, 24 Clyde Street, Anderston.

William Speirs, writer, 21 Virginia Street.



David Speirs, shawl and plaid maker, 30 Orchard Street.



John Speirs, physician, 44 Hamilton Street.

John Robert Speirs, physician, 34 Hamilton Street.

James Speirs, sugar refiner, Port Glasgow Road.